Going for a Ride review by Kevin Griffin – Vancouver Sun (2010)

Going for a ride in the age of auto by Kevin Griffin, West Coast Life Weekly The Vancouver Sun, November 25, 2010 Marcus Bowcott Three Graces   Marcus Bowcott Cut Blocks, Stacks and Bundles Evergreen Cultural Centre Art Gallery, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam   VANCOUVER — It’s still early days but the start of the 21st century is looking more and… Read more →

Seeing at Sea review by Bob Sherrin – Canadian Art

Marcus Bowcott – Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver Marcus Bowcott Anon 2008 Marcus Bowcott’s latest exhibition, “Thaw,” draws us into environments he knows well: the inner coast of British Columbia and the Beaufort Sea, seascapes of political and economic forces that have been steadily at work on Canada’s shores—now just another node in a global network. Bowcott’s work reveals his dexterity with… Read more →

Kerfuffle review by John Whatley – Canadian Art

Marcus Bowcott – Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto and Vancouver Marcus Bowcott is a Vancouver-based artist and art teacher who showed at the Bau-Xi galleries in Vancouver and Toronto last summer. His “Hull” series of paintings has a marked narrative quality. They are cautionary tales reminding us of an unrecognised presence in our midst – the transport hulls that move the manifold… Read more →

Wedge review by Paula Gustafson – Asian Art News (1998)

Marcus Bowcott at the Bau-Xi Gallery Anyone who has ever harbour-paddled in a small boat will recall the sense of vulnerability experienced when looking up at the enormous hulk of an ocean-going freighter. These behemoths of iron and steel are the equivalent of sea-borne skyscrapers; man-made structures that imply power and endurance. Vancouver artist Marcus Bowcott paints ships out of… Read more →

Arc review by Chris Brayshaw – Vancouver Courier (1997)

Marcus Bowcott’s experience working on the Fraser River flavours his marine art Artist’s work blends beauty of industry, nature Miles from the sea, freighters ride gently at anchor across from the Richmond Centre Mall, but in place of Vanouver harbour’s sharp salt air and stinking diesel fumes, the smells of oil paint fills the air. The freighters, huge hulking wrecks… Read more →

Arc review by Michael Scott – Vancouver Sun

Tug of the sea lures painter to his roots The call to go down to the sea came early for Marcus Bowcott. But in the case of the Vancouver artist, the sea was the muddy estuary of the Fraser and the ships were barrel-chested tug boats. Between studies at the Ontario College of Art and the Royal Academy in London… Read more →

Golden Years review by Elizabeth Godley – Canadian Art (Fall 1997)

Across Roblin Lake, two shores away, they are sheathing the church spire with new metal. Someone hangs in the sky over there from a piece of rope, hammering and fitting God’s belly-scratcher … These lines from the poet Al Purdy’s Wilderness Gothic came back to Vancouver artist Marcus Bowcott while he was working on paintings for shows earlier this year.… Read more →

Palimpsest review by Michael Scott – Sun Art Critic

Installation relates prehistoric to the modern bull Artist and educator Marcus Bowcott is layering images in Palimpsest, a performance work and installation that opened last night at the Grunt Gallery. But instead of the tidy sheets of vellum that classical scholars used – a palimpsest was a parchment that had one story sratched out to make room for a new… Read more →