Palimpsest review by Michael Scott – Sun Art Critic

Installation relates prehistoric to the modern bull

Artist and educator Marcus Bowcott is layering images in Palimpsest, a performance work and installation that opened last night at the Grunt Gallery. But instead of the tidy sheets of vellum that classical scholars used – a palimpsest was a parchment that had one story sratched out to make room for a new one – Bowcott is using a one-tonne bull as his canvas. In the performance part of Palimpsest, Bowcott projected images of cave paintings from Lascaux on to the side of the bull at the gallery on Friday evening. The installation work, which continues sans bull at the Grunt (350 East Second Ave) until March 6th, will include photographs, videos and other documentation of the performance. “This installation embodies 20,000 years of image compression,” observes Bowcott, who is best known for his paintings of the hulls of tanker ships. “It relates the prehistoric with the modern, the ethereal to the concrete, the wild to the captive, desire to attainment and projection to reflection.”