Construction of the Car Stack

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TAT early concept

Early Concept, Working Drawing: The stack was supported by scrap metal wedges on either side. There was no name for the piece at this point.

TAT early concept 2

Trans Am Totem Early Concept: The “totem” aspect started as a “bundle” of logs.

Raw Goods

To the Metal Yard: A contrast of textures.

Metal Work

Artists at work: in the wrecking yard under a hot sun.

BMW inspection

Inspection: Although these cars were wrecks, they had to be a specific kind of wrecks.

Marcus Cutting

Sweat vs Steel: Not exactly a hot knife through butter.

Trans Am Shell

The Trans Am stripped down to its shell and ready to be lifted. This was done to all of the cars to make them as light as possible.


Red Base: Helene working on the lowest car in the stack.


Wheel Angles

Wheel alignment: We had to figure out the wheel distance and ratios before the welding started. Note the size of the red car.

Marcus and Red Base

First Down: The bottom car has been chopped and welded to the base plate and central column. This is a milestone.

Marcus and Wife

This was a rainy day in July and our thoughts were with our good friend James Lindfield and his family.

Stand and Weld

Up and Up: The art work grows. There were several long days to reach this point. 


Welding preparations are made to ready the stack for the Trans Am.



Break at Sundown: Marcus gestures as he talks to Henry about tomorrow’s lift of the Trans Am.


Bless This Mess: Marcus talks on the phone while in his office and Joe is hard at work on the ‘Firebird Chicken’.



Fire Bird: Joe Cash looks up as he prepares the iconic logo of the Trans Am.




The Stack Completed: Still lots of work to do.

Painting Progress

Choice Colours: With the heavy lifting done for now, testing took place to see which colour worked best with the sculpture.


Touch Ups: Helene paints the difficult to reach areas of the Civic.



Four Cars Up: Helene works under the BMW as she paints the hood of the Civic.



Working High: Helene is not bound to the ground, her contribution to the work is top to bottom.


Almost there: Preparing a scrap car for a fresh coat of paint was a unusual experience.


Rain is Coming: Marcus readies a tarp to protect the art work.



Bumper Polish: Marcus shines the front of the forth car. 


Not Half Baked: Trans Am Totem’s concept was a long running idea. Here, the sculpture is next to an older painting by Marcus, which has a similar theme.


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